My Take on You (Not You, I’m On About The Hit Show)

Now brace yourself, because what I’m about to say might shock you as it is kind of controversial but here it is, I sympathise with Joe Goldberg. There, I said it.

From reading articles and taking in people’s opinions on this fascinating character, I’ve come to realise that I look at the character in a different way to other people. I haven’t actually seen anyone write about having the same view of Joe.

Penn Badgley, the actor that plays Joe has voiced his hate for his character numerous times in interviews and on his social media. Hating this character is completely understandable. I mean he is a murderer after all. However, people fail to consider why Joe Goldberg is so damaged (understatement I know) and that’s because, you could say that he had an upbringing from hell. His parents weren’t around and he was left to be cared for by someone who appeared to be not that great at caring. Joe appears to have turned into a much worse version of the man who raised him and to be fair, if you look at a lot of the backgrounds of other (real) serial killers, you will see that they have this in common with Joe. This means that you could argue that a lot of us could end up down a similar path if we had a similar upbringing.

It seemed to me like Joe felt everything in extremes. For example, he didn’t just love Beck, he was obsessed with her. This could have been because he had never felt or experienced love from a parent/guardian and was infatuated with the idea of it.


Disturbingly, a lot of people have gone way too far and not only sympathise with Joe but actually fancy him which if you ask me, is straight up weird. I’ve been looking at tweets about Joe’s character to see what people think about him and this is what I found:

‘Joe Goldberg is a whole new kind of Christian Grey. Send:Help’

‘I need me a Joe Goldberg’

‘I wonder if there’s a real life Joe Goldberg, I could do with one.’

Maybe some people with views like this feel this way because they haven’t been given enough love in their lives and are drawn to how deeply Joe loves Beck.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on Joe Goldberg and the show You. Do you agree with me? Or do you fancy Joe? Or do you hate him as much as Penn Badgley does?