Wealth, Happiness and Gratitude.

A while ago, I listened to an audiobook by author Denise Richardson and the book was called Get Rich, Lucky Bitch. It’s basically a book about how we feel about money and therefore how we treat it. For anyone having money troubles, this may be the book for you.

My personal view on money at the moment is that you don’t have to be rich to feel rich. Yes, this is because money isn’t everything and you can be rich in other areas of your life, but it’s also because I truly believe that you can treat yourself without having to dent the bank. Little goes a long way and if you do these little things quite often, I think you can feel wealthy just by doing them. Denise also touched on this in her book and she inspired me to make a list of little things that I can do to make myself feel wealthy. If you’re feeling a bit down in the dumps about this in particular, here are some ideas below of things that you can add to your wealth list.



Pampering yourself can be expensive but it isn’t always. It’s pricier when you look at things like getting your hair, nails, and eyelashes done and can be a lot cheaper when you look at the skincare products on the market. People say that you have to get the really expensive skincare products for them to work but I think that natural products (which can be quite cheap at times) work amazingly! My favourite brand for this kind of stuff is The Body Shop. We convince ourselves that the skincare that works is only available for the rich, but you can look glam too!


Days Out

Making sure to have regular-ish days out with your loved ones is a great way to not only make yourself blessed in regard to being able to do so, but it can also make you feel wealthy with love. You’re able to go and look at new scenery and do really fun things with amazing people. How lucky are you?


Candles and Other Fragrances Around the Home

This may just be me, but when the house is looking and smelling pretty, I feel so blessed!



This one is a no brainer, where would you rather be? At work or at the beach? Also, I love educating myself about other cultures and exploring new places. That in itself makes me feel rich, partially in knowledge.


Live a Healthy lifestyle

This is another thing that we tell ourselves is only for the rich. Guess what? Compared to loads of other people in the world.. you are rich! Yes, a healthy lifestyle can be a little more expensive at times. However, there are little things you can do that’ll make you feel good, look good and be healthier that won’t break the bank. This could be drinking a smoothie to energise you rather than your usual coffee or snacking on fruit or nuts instead of chocolate and crisps.

Candlelit Dinners at Home


Can’t afford to go out for dinner? No problem! Have a fancy dinner at home with your significant other. If you’re an introvert like me, this can be just as enjoyable as going to a restaurant and I’m sure your other half will appreciate this too.

Have you noticed a theme? Feeling wealthy is all about remembering how lucky you are in comparison to others. Being grateful for what you have is the key to happiness. When you realise how much you have compared to people less fortunate, you’ll feel wealthier. Stop comparing yourself to rich celebrities and make the most of the life you’ve been blessed with.