Ways To Make Yourself Feel Better On Your Period.

It’s absolutely okay to feel a bit miserable when it’s that time of the month because let’s be brutally honest, some of the symptoms you get are awful. Period. See what I did there? These include lack of energy, headache, backache, and everyone’s favourite, stomach cramps. Self-care is always important and it’s especially important in times like these when it’s harder to dig yourself out of a funk when the symptoms you are experiencing last a whole week. Plus, your hormones are probably flying about all over the place. Here at MOOD, we obviously don’t have the power to help you readjust your hormone levels, but we are more than happy to share our tips on little things you can do to boost your MOOD during this time.



Now I know that this is one of the last things that you want to do when you’re feeling shitty but this is where you’ll have to use the skill of self-discipline. This is a natural way to boost your MOOD and is also a natural pain killer for your body. Just make sure you’re using supplements and shakes that will help your muscles recover because you won’t need to deal with that pain on top of what you’re already coping with. I would recommend light exercises during this time such as yoga. This is not only because you may struggle as a result of low energy, but because activities like this increase blood flow which will help with those nasty cramps.



This will obviously help with your lack of energy. Now you have an excuse, make the most of it!


Be at least a little productive

Curling up in a ball and feeling sorry for yourself is not doing you any favours. Yes, it’s perfectly fine to have a chill day whenever you like, especially when you feel like you need to due to your period. However, getting a few things done (things that you can manage) is the smart thing to do so that your to-do list doesn’t grow too much leaving you stressed the following week when your schedule is now packed.


Eat Eat Eat

I know you’re hungry so pig out! As tempting as it is though, make sure you’re avoiding what is necessary no matter how much you crave it. Note. It’s better to eat small portions regularly rather than 3 huge portions. This isn’t just a popular dieting tip but is proven to help with your energy levels. A great thing to eat during your period is dark chocolate which is a healthy treat. Who would’ve thought that something so heavenly exists? This will replace the magnesium that you have lost due to your period. It’s also important to stay hydrated and it will help if you can get in your vitamins. I highly recommend having your water with lemon because this will help hydrate you as well as treat your skin which may also be suffering at this time.


Treat your skin

Whilst we’re on the subject, there are way more things that will help your skin and I don’t know about you but having a pamper actually lifts my spirits. Tea tree is perfect for any blemishes you have or can feel growing because of its antiseptics qualities. I recommend a hydrating sheet mask which not only pleases your skin but your budget will be happy at how cheap these are!


Dress up

Your confidence may take a knock during your period. I know dressing up takes some effort that you may not have every day, but doing this at least once during your period will help your self-esteem.