MOOD’S Skincare Must Have.

As my readers will know, I am self-care obsessed, and with that comes skincare. I am so happy that taking care of yourself both physically and mentally is something that is promoted so hugely nowadays. I’m here to do my part by telling you about this incredible skincare device which is my skincare must-have.

The Lumi Spa:


The Lumi Spa is a deep cleansing device created by scientists who work for the network marketing and beauty company Nuskin. I became aware of this device when I was a distributor for Nuskin. Even though I’m no longer involved in network marketing, I will forever recommend the Lumi Spa as it is by far my favourite skincare product and I use it every single day.

The Lumi Spa is the first dual-action skin care system in history that deep cleanses and renews skin in just one step. It has also won awards, including an award from The Pure Beauty Awards UK in 2018, for being the best of its kind. You can compare the Lumi to a similar device from Clarisonic. However, nothing compares to the Lumi because of how gentle the head as well as it being dual action which ensures that your face is as clean as possible after use. Other brands consist of a bristle end which can actually harm the delicate skin on your face. The gentle, plastic treatment heads used on the Lumi are also more hygienic as you can clean the dirt off very easily and it doesn’t stick in the head like that if a bristle head.


Not only is the Lumi Spa a deep cleansing device, but it works miracles on wrinkles. After use, you may see an instant improvement however, the Lumi is also incredible at preventing wrinkles appearing long term.


The Lumi spa gives you 7 benefits in just 2 minutes. These include skin renewal, smoothness, radiance, purified skin, minimised appearance of pores and increased appearance of skin density and volume.

If you’re interested in getting your hands on this must-have – let me know in the comments!