How To Generally Get Back On Your Shit.

I need this post more than anybody right now I think, that’s the beauty of being a lifestyle blogger. Not only do I get to teach other people, but writing posts like this is an incredible reminder. I may be filled with wisdom but in no way am I perfect. I too struggle to stay productive 24/7 because as productive as I like to be, I love my sleep and sometimes, I just wanna get as much of it as possible. But after a week and a bit of pure laziness, I can feel my soul crying for productivity to re-enter my life and my brain asking how?? Below are my answers… what are yours?

1. Find some work out inspo and plan your next session


2. Think about the things you want to treat yourself to and think about when would be the best time to do this, keeping self-discipline in mind. Example: taking a nap, indulging in an unhealthy treat etc.

3. Start off by looking good and feeling good by pampering yourself

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4. Do a clean, tidy and organise your belongings

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5. Remind yourself of your goals

6. Write a to-do list

7. Listen to an uplifting podcast

8. Think about a morning routine

9. Plan what your diet is going to be like for the week

10. Remind yourself of how blessed you are and what is most important to you

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