MOOD’s 3 Top Things To Consider Before Joining The Network Marketing Industry.

In 2018, I decided to start up a side hustle for extra money and I predict that a lot of other people are going to make the same leap of faith in 2020 and a lot of people for the exact same reason I did. I know a lot of young people have come to the sad realisation that they could be living at home with their parents for a very long time because with the average wages we youngsters are earning, it’s almost impossible for us to afford our own places to live that we can call our own! This included me which is why I chose to go down the incredible path of network marketing to rake in some extra cash to help me and my boyfriend move into our own place.

So why network marketing? I chose network marketing 1 – because I loved how it was a mainly female profession (Did you know that 71% of women who are earning 6 figures or more do so through network marketing?!) After that little fact, you have obviously guessed that I loved the idea of the lifestyle that network marketing could give me, that’s number 2. 3 – It’s a dream of mine to work from home and 4 – I LOVE social media so I thought it could be something that I’d really enjoy and I was 100% right – I loved it.

On reflection about the things that I did horribly wrong when I was joined the business, I’ve decided to share my top tips for those who are considering the opportunity of getting into the confusing but incredible world of Network Marketing so that they can hopefully avoid some of the blunders I experienced and reach success quicker and more efficiently.


1. Learn, Plan and Then Jump In


I’m aware that we all learn differently and what I’m about to suggest may not be the right technique for you but this is what I wish I would have done and I’ll tell you why… I get overwhelmed VERY easily and if you’re new to network marketing then you are about to get given loads of life-changing information in a very short period of time. DO NOT let anyone rush you. Take the time to not only learn and process this info, but think of how to apply it to you, your life, and what you want your business to be like. You may try to convince yourself that you need to do it the same as everyone else and people might even try to tell you that but your journey is different and that’s more than okay, it’s incredible! So here’s an example, your new business mentor may try to convince you that you need to host a minimum of 4 showcases per month and if you don’t, you’re not putting enough effort in. However, you simply don’t have the time. What you could do instead is, stick to the one showcase event per month that you have time for and spend the rest of the time you have completing a task or even various tasks that won’t take as long but can still be just as valuable to your business.

I want you to read the first heading again. Notice how I say JUMP in and not something basic like step in? That’s because there is no correlation between halfheartedness and success. You need to be consistent!!

NOTE: You will NEVER know all of the information – there’s too much and besides, that would be boring! Just learn enough so that you feel comfortable enough and are capable of making a kick-ass action plan. Also, you may not be able to commit to certain things fully, but there is a massive difference between valid reasons and poor excuses. You won’t get anywhere without putting in the work.

2. Prepare Yourself For Your Self Development Journey


Starting your own business is hard. And I don’t just mean in terms of hard work. The harsh truth is, that this business requires you to have certain personality traits. Don’t panic though, all of these things are positive traits so learning how to attain them will benefit you massively! For example, It’s a must to have a confidence about yourself (You don’t need to feel like you’re Beyonce though) and you have to come across as friendly and know how to socialise well with people. I’m not saying that if this doesn’t describe you, you will fail miserably and shouldn’t bother with network marketing, I’m saying that you will have to face your flaws head-on, which may sound simple, but trust me it isn’t. So prepare yourself and get a head start if you can. My favourite way of practicing self-development is by listening to motivational content such as YouTube videos, Audibles, and podcasts.

3. Build A Connection With Your Potential Business Mentor First


This one right here is my number 1 tip and that’s because, if you’ve built a genuine friendship with your mentor, they are more likely to go out of there way to help you and are more likely to know what kind of help you need. If you don’t do this then you could end up with a mentor that you really don’t click with and let me tell you, that is NOT what you need; you need as much support as possible! Also, it would be extra incredible if you could find a business mentor that is local to you because friendships are way better face to face than just over the phone.

I may not be involved in the world of network marketing anymore, but I still think that the knowledge I gained from my experience can really help people who are considering making a go of it. I realised that network marketing wasn’t the career for me, but I still truly believe that people can build a great life around it and I wish all the best of luck to those who are JUMPing in.