Ways To Use Social Media and The Internet To Build You Up Instead Of Break You Down.

Has anyone else noticed that people talk about Social Media as if it was created by the devil himself? I get that social media and the internet, in general, have some negative qualities but it all depends on how YOU use it and if you use it wisely, the positives can definitely outweigh the negatives. To help enlighten you on how you can use Social Media to actually benefit your life, I wanted to bless you with my top tips.

Don’t Compare

This is the number 1 rule to ensuring that you’re using social media in particular to empower you. Instead of comparing yourself, think of whatever it is that has triggered negative self-talk simply as INSPIRATION. For example, you see an amazing post on Instagram of someone who is incredible at doing makeup and they look beautiful! Instead of getting angry that you’re not able to do your makeup like that, do something about it! Maybe you can do a tutorial, or practice on improving a look that you’re more used to doing. Also, rather than immediately getting jealous and letting that little bit of hate fester, just message the person and give them a compliment; you may make a really cool friend!

Follow pages that inspire you and unfollow people who make you feel bad about yourself

Have you ever got caught in that loop where you see someone who is so amazing on Instagram so you follow them and then you like their posts so much that they end up at the top of you Feed and then whenever you see it, you automatically feel a huge rush of jealousy? BREAK THE PATTERN! Imagine if every time you opened your Instagram you were greeted with an empowering quote instead? Rather than being slapped in the face with negative emotion, you’d get motivated! My favourite motivational page on Instagram is bossbabe.inc



Feed Your Brain With Positive Content

We constantly blame social media for mental health, but the social media fairy doesn’t magically create negative content that we see… we’re the ones who post it and we are the ones who choose what we see. For example, the explore page on Instagram is formed of posts that it thinks you will like based on other things that you’ve liked. It’s our responsibility to make sure that we are seeing quality content and we can start by looking for it. Where you ask? YouTube has incredible motivational videos featuring loads of famous speakers such as Les Brown, Mel Robbins & Tony Robbins (No, they’re not married.) My favourite YouTube videos are episodes of Tom Bilyeu’s Impact Theory where he interviews fascinating entrepreneurial people. Similar to this, there are amazing podcasts just like this, I use Spotify not just for music but for amazing podcasts too and they have so many to choose from! Finally, there are so many positive blogs just like this one. I’m obsessed with theeverygirl.com. Just take a look at it and it’ll take you approximately 2 seconds to understand why.

Educate Yourself

Learning is one of the smartest and most beneficial things you can do for yourself and thanks to the internet, we have the opportunity to access education right at our fingertips at any moment. If you’re reading this blog post, you have access to the internet which means that you can educate yourself every single day practically for free! Obviously, you can ask Google whenever you have a strange question about a random subject but there’s so much more to it than that. YouTube has some great ‘How to’ videos. A family friend of mine recently recommended YouTube for recipes. Pinterest has the most amazing tips for you from being more organised to preparing for a job interview. What I love about Pinterest is that these little tips can improve your level of happiness in such beautifully simple and easy ways. There are also so many very helpful online courses typically to do with blogging and business that could excel in your career! I’m currently learning how to trade and would love to help you learn too! And if you haven’t already got it, Audible is a MUST! It’s so much easier to fit in your reading when you can listen and work at the same time.