The Pros and Cons to Being A Perfectionist.

A lot of people associate perfectionism as just a negative quality however I personally believe that it is both a blessing and a curse. This is a blog post for those who think ‘eurgh, perfectionists. Those control freaks who are so fussy and uptight.’ This is so that people with this view can see the benefits of being a perfectionist and being a perfectionist myself, I can assure you that it isn’t always fun so get your violins out. This is also a blog post for those who are quite self-conscious about being a perfectionist or have maybe put themselves down about it so much, they’ve started to hate this about themselves. Trust me, it’s not all bad.

The Cons:

We’re Our Own Worst Critics

No matter what we do, we always want to try and make it better. This isn’t just with big projects either, this can be an everyday thing just as simple as doing your makeup in the morning. It has to be the best we can possibly do it. In situations like these, we can be too hard on ourselves and cause unnecessary and self-inflicted emotional pain.

It’s Time Consuming

We can also get so hung up on the details that we spend so long on simple tasks. And the worst part about that is that there’s always something that has to get done. You can bet that when a perfectionist is in full perfectionist mode, it’s gonna take them twice as to complete a task. Therefore, not a lot gets done sometimes in the space of a day.

We Can Come Across As Stuck Up

We don’t mean to, we know that you’re capable of completing tasks yourself, but the perfectionist in us has to do everything ourselves, the best possible way we can otherwise we’re gonna hate ourselves for a few hours okay? It’s nothing personal and we’re very sorry.

We Ask a Lot of Questions:

Sometimes, to get things done as perfectly as we can, we need some help. We’re sorry if we annoy you.

The Pros:

We Get Results

If you need a job done and you need it done well, a perfectionist is the perfect person to ask.

We’re Ambitious

It kinda comes with the territory. You can bet that the majority of successful people have gotten themselves there partly thanks to being a perfectionist. For example, Martha Stewart, Serena Williams and Eminem all claim to be perfectionists.

We’re Hard Working

Again, it’s hard work being a perfectionist because getting things perfect takes a lot of hard work. Even though this is annoying for us, being hardworking is a very valued quality and benefits us when it comes to reaching goals.

It’s Rewarding

As I said, we get results. It’s like when you’re really hungry and haven’t eaten in a while, your food always tastes even better. It’s similar when a perfectionist finally completes their masterpiece, you literally feel victorious because of how hard you’ve been slaving away.