Skincare Must Haves For Dry Winter Skin.

If you’re a dry skin sufferer, the winter season is when you really start to feel the struggle. Me personally, my skin goes from two extremes. Drenched with oil in the summer and painfully dry when the weather is frosty here in the very cold UK. Over the years I have tried various products to not only give my skin moisture but to soothe the dry areas of my skin which have become sore as a result. I can hear those who relate screaming ‘HELP!!! WHAT’S YOUR SECRET??’


This Bodyshop face mask does exactly what it says – soothes sore dry skin. Bonus = it’s all-natural too!


Another incredible natural skincare product. Aloe vera itself is naturally great for hydrating and soothing which makes it the perfect product for dry skin. So good that it’s known for being an effective treatment for psoriasis!


The keyword here is MOISTURE which is what dry skin needs a lot more of. The best thing about this is that you don’t just have to use this on your face, it’s just as good for your hair and body.


This device is needed by absolutely everyone on the planet. It exfoliates which is very effective for dry skin, but is a miracle worker for wrinkles and is amazing at both preventing and treating this. It’s so helpful that you can change the pairing cleansers with the weather which is why in winter, I switch to my dry cleanser to use with this device.



I recently switched to this as recommended by my sister as an alternative to my eczema cream. Lately, I have been suffering on and off with a flare-up on my face and applying a little numerous times during the day made it look and feel so much better. I would highly recommend trying this out if you suffer from a similar skin issue.