Don’t Let Your Ambition Make You Ungrateful.

Ambition is a good quality to have and there is no denying it. The millenials of this generation may be the most ambitious ever but is that possibly why we could also be considered the most unhappy?

As much as I believe that people blame social media too much about a lot of the problems that the younger generation of today face, it definitely has taught us this damaging culture of comparison. People think of ambition as being only about things like career and money but it can be about just who we are as people in general, including how we look. Everyone wants the instagram look where everyone looks stunning all the time and has such fun and happy lives but the truth is, no one has that including those who look like they do. They did not wake up like that and they have day to day struggles and periods of their life where things are tough just like we all do.
The point I’m trying to make is, we always want more than what we have already. Bigger lips, longer eyelashes, healthier hair and that’s just appearance. We also all want many material things that we don’t yet have and a so called easy life (if that even exists.) What we fail to realise a lot of the time is that there is a beauty in the difficulties we face. It keeps life interesting in a way we could never even think of and it teaches us valuable lessons that help us when facing the next chapter whatever that may be.

This doesn’t mean that we don’t struggle with finding a balance for our ambition in the more traditional forms such as career and money. On top of all the other pressures we put on ourselves, we still have to think about developing our careers and income to afford all of the unnecessary things we have convinced ourselves that we need to improve ourselves. The younger generation are (wrongfully) known by many as the generation of slackers. However, this only makes us work even harder because we know we have something to prove. It is common for people to think that when on a journey of self improvement, you’ll see the change straight away. This is not the case. You could be working hard for 4 years and find no success but the 5th year could be your winner. Meanwhile, the lead up to your breakthrough is probably filled with self doubt and second guessing because you think the process is taking too long and wonder whether the reason is something to do with you not meeting the mark. Truth is, we like to think that we have way more control than we really do and constantly want to medal in on the plan that’s already set for us, rather than sitting back and enjoying the ride.

If you can relate to this post whether you’re a part of the younger generation or not, take this as your reminder to stop and smell the roses at least once in a while. You can still aim for more whilst appreciating the amazing life that you’re living in the present. If you don’t feel like your life is amazing then you’re doing it wrong! It’s time to take some time out to remember how lucky you are by doing things that you love with the people that you are blessed to have in your life.