What To Do Whilst Staying At Home.

One word I’ve heard more then ever lately is the word ‘bored’. Yes, this isn’t an ideal situation for any of us, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a way that we can make the most of it. This is an opportunity to do all the things that have been on your to do list for a while. And once you make your way through that, here’s some ideas of other things you can do to not only keep yourself entertained, but to take advantage of the spare time you now have.

  • Create a MOOD board/vision board.
This is a great way to keep sight of your goals for when you are able to get to work on them properly. This is also an effective way to motivate yourself to think of alternative things you can do to reach your goals.
  • Cook a new recipe

Because after all, a lot of people are going to be ordering at the moment. Save yourself the hassle and upgrade your cooking skills by learning some new recipes (depending on whether you can find the needed ingredients at the supermarket of course)

  • Organise your kitchen cupboards
One of the things that you always have on a mental to do list but never get round to doing. Not only does this involve making things look aesthetically pleasing, but clearing out of things not needed. You may even find a forgotten ingredient to a recipe you can try to make! Remember that if you are getting rid of anything unopened and in date, that this may be of use to someone else like your local food bank.
  • Listen to podcasts

Here’s some recommendations from a trustworthy source!

  • Make cocktails
Here is something you can do to try and make a celebration in quarantine more fun. But let’s be honest… does there really need to be an excuse to drink cocktails?
  • Create a playlist

You can take the time to create a playlist for any occasion and this is bound to save you a little time at some point in the future. You can create a party playlist, a morning playlist, or maybe even a sexy playlist.

  • Organise your beauty products
Another thing that’s always on a mental to do list but very rarely actually done. The end result will be highly pleasing.
  • Deep clean your home

This goes without saying but might be hard to motivate yourself to actually do it. So here’s a trick, if you do this, you may not have to do that work out that your dreading because let’s face it, this is a workout on its own!

  • Pamper yourself
Because this period of self isolation isn’t just a great opportunity to clear your home but also your mind. You can practice self care in the most known way such as a face mask and relaxing bath. But this is also the perfect time to practice self care in a more spiritual way by self-reflecting and doing things that feel good for your soul.
  • Do an at home workout

This is of course only if you haven’t deep cleaned your house for the Set a good example by committing to working out and encourage other family members to get involved in being healthy and to try to carry on the good habit after this is all blown over. If you’re a parent, you can even join in with your children in the mornings when they do P.E with Joe.