Why I’m Grateful That I Suffered With Depression.

Isolation can be tough especially for those with mental health issues, which is why I thought it may be a good time to share my story. It may sound like a very weird thing to say, to be grateful for going through something so awful. I’m by no means dismissing the seriousness of this mental illness, but I want to give hope to those going through anything of the sort that there truly is a light at the end of the tunnel.

I suffered with depression at the age of 14. I feel that there’s no need to go into extreme detail because thankfully, we now live in a world where mental illness is more talked about and more understood. Unfortunately, this wasn’t quite the case at the time I was suffering. For multiple reasons, I had to find a way to dig myself out of the depression which sounds impossible. As soon as I felt the slightest bit of sanity come back to me, I ran with it and somehow I found a way.

So how did I benefit from something so awful? Yes, I am left with bad habits as a result. For example, I find it very difficult to open up to people when I’m struggling because my instinct is to try to deal with it myself. But who cares because no ones perfect? However, I learned things that I never knew before I suffered with depression. I know myself so well. A lot of people think they know themselves well but in reality, there pride covers up the parts that they’re not yet ready to be honest about. Me on the other hand, I had to evaluate every emotion and reaction to try to get to the bottom of why I was suffering with mental health issues and it taught me so much about myself. Things that I never would have dug deep enough into without this experience. My depression enlightened me and I became my own best friend at the end of it. It’s strange that an illness that made me hate myself turned out to be the thing that made me finally appreciate and love myself.

I also have never felt more alive since overcoming it. It turns out that a part of me had to die for me to fully be able to feel alive. Practising gratitude has never been so easy because my experiences have made me so grateful for the simple things that the depression once temporarily stole from me. The teenage Megan would have never appreciated the things I do now because she didn’t realise what was truly important in life.

I once read a bible scripture that meant that God would never put you through what he knows you cant handle. Ever since reading that scripture, it stuck with me because of how strong I was in that situation and I feel as though God made sure it was all worth it in the end. Even if you’re not religious, that doesn’t mean you won’t experience a similar feeling when you come out the other side which is very much possible for you. I’m so grateful that I never gave up because I feel that without experiencing depression, I would have never been able to be truly happy and what a waste it would have been to rob myself of that. I didn’t deserve that and neither do you. So hang in there because that light at the end of the tunnel may be closer than you think and it’ll be brighter than it’s ever been. You can do this.