Ways To Practice Gratitude.

I truly believe that a grateful mind = a happy life. At times like these, it may be harder to remain grateful as with nothing to do, it’s easy to fall into a lazy slump. However, with nothing to do, you’ve got plenty of time to reset and get grateful again using the tips below.

Look at Positive Content

You’re probably scrolling through social media a heck of a lot right now. Don’t fall into the trap of comparing yourself and remember that as easy at it may be, scrolling through too many mind numbing posts is not good for you. That being said, there are positive things that you can look at instead and some may even wake you up rather than encourage your laziness. For example, listen to motivational podcasts on your phone or scroll through Pinterest for some inspirational quotes.

Add Gratitude Into Your Routine

A lot of families have a tradition where they share a positive part of their day with each other at the dinner table. Not only is this a great habit that you can do by yourself, but why not try to encourage your loved ones to live a more positive life by practising gratitude more often?

Make a Gratitude Collage

You may be familiar with the concept of a MOOD board, but what about a gratitude board? It’s not always easy to think of things you’re grateful for when your MOOD takes a dip. So when you are thinking positively, take some time to create a gratitude board to remind yourself when you need it the most.

Do One Kind Thing Every Day

Every one knows that you get what you give. Some people think that this is always in material ways but the feeling that you get when you help someone is amazing! It’s also a reminder to be grateful for human contact and that there are many pleasant people in the world.

Spend Time With Your Loved Ones More Often

Does this one even need an explanation?

Cook Delicious Meals

Food is one of the things that we forget to be grateful for. Making something is a way to remind yourself that this isn’t something that everyone is privileged enough to have easy access to. It can feel rewarding when you know that something so delicious was something that you made.

Spend More Time in Nature

It’s scientifically proven that being around nature can have a positive effect on your mental health. Add to this by having a ‘gratitude walk’. Remember to add how beautiful nature can be to your list!


Some people find it difficult to list to themselves what they are grateful for. Having someone to thank for these things can make it a lot easier.


If you’re familiar with journaling, try adding a gratitude list to your routine as well as writing down your thoughts. This is a great way for those looking to get into journaling to start.