The Negative Effects Of Using Your Phone Too Much.

Our phones may be what is helping a lot of people keep sane during isolation. I bet you’re even reading this blog post on your phone! But along with the sanity that this is giving you, there are many other negative side effects of using your phone too much that you should be aware of.

  • Tech Neck

Tech Neck is a condition that effects the neck and spine and is caused by looking down at your phone regularly.

  • Shortened Attention Span

This often happens as a result of becoming addicted to using your phone. If you become too focused on what’s happening on social media, it can be hard to focus on more important things happening in your reality.

  • Changes to the Structure of Your Brain

Sounds scary right? Scientists have studied this and have found that people who use there phone more in comparison to others have a slightly different structure of the brain when it come to the anterior cingulate cortex.

  • Car Crashes

A lot of car crashes are often caused by the driver looking at their phone when they shouldn’t be. Another reason why it is very important to not become obsessed with using your phone.

  • Texting Thumb

Texting thumb is a stress injury caused by texting too much.

  • Cell Phone Elbow

Cell phone elbow A.K.A cubital tunnel syndrome is caused by holding your phone to your ear often when making phone calls.

  • Eye Strain and Visual Impairment

Looking at your phone in bed can cause temporary blindness. Looking at your phone in general can damage your eyes for obvious reasons.