Learn Your Love Language.

I know that I don’t need to explain the benefits of learning what your partners love language is because its pretty obvious, but I can remind you. Whether you’re lucky enough to be spending lock down with your significant other, or you’re currently apart, COVID19 is putting a strain on a lot of relationships. Taking this opportunity to learn your partner’s love language may help you cope with being together 24/7, and can also help keep the relationship going if you’re currently separated.

Words Of Affirmation

If this is your love language, it is important to you that your partner expresses their love for you using words of support and reassurance. These can be compliments such as ‘You look amazing in that outfit’ or ‘You’re so funny.’ Your partner’s kind words may even be more personal like ‘I am proud of you’ or ‘I appreciate you.’

Acts Of Service

A small gesture can go a long way especially if this is your love language. Your partner lending you a hand without being asked, to take a task off of your plate is highly appreciated by you. Bigger gestures such as cooking you a fancy meal is also something that may make you feel very loved.

Receiving Gifts

Some people are often embarrassed to admit that this is their love language, but there is truly no need to feel this way. Being gifted by someone you love brings everyone joy whether they care to admit it or not. There isn’t necessarily a link between being materialistic and having this love language. A small gift that screams ‘this made me think of you’ like your favourite chocolate bar is enough to put a smile on your face.

Quality Time

Of course, we all enjoy spending time with our significant other as they wouldn’t be your partner if this wasn’t the case. However, for some this is the way to their heart. It is important to carve time out of your busy schedule if your partner has this love language. Also, ensure that there are minimal distractions when spending quality time with your loved one.

Physical Touch

Some people will be relieved to hear that someone else’s ‘clingy’ may be exactly what another is looking for. This doesn’t have to be anything too over the top, but acts of physical affection are important to those with this love language in order for them to feel loved and desired.

To find out what your love language is, take the quiz below. This may be a fun way to spark a discussion with your partner and find out how you can make them feel as loved as possible.