Artists You Need To Listen To If You Haven’t Already.

I understand that everyone’s taste in music differs, but I thought that this was a great time to share my favourites, as many of you may be looking to add to your playlists after having more time to listen to your favourite songs. If you like R&B and Hip Hop/Rap, this blog post is especially for you! You may not have heard of all the artists mentioned below but they all deserve way more recognition that they currently receive so if you don’t know, get to know.


Kehlani has got to be one of the most known artists on this list but I still think that a lot of people are lacking the knowledge of how amazingly cool this woman is! Kehlani is by far my favourite female artist right now and actually released a new album just a couple of days ago (8th May). It is titled ‘It Was Good Until It Wasn’t’ and it lived up to its high expectations in my opinion.

Some of my favourite songs from Kehlani are Grieving (ft James Blake), Toxic, You Know Wassup and Runnin’.


You may remember a much younger JoJo from her hit ‘Leave (Get Out)’. She has released many songs since but has mainly released her music on YouTube due to issues with the labels she was previously signed to. However, after coming to an agreement with these record labels instead of taking them to court, she is back and ready to finally get the attention she deserves! JoJo released her comeback album titled ‘Good To Know’ on the 1st of May 2020.

Travis Garland

You may remember Travis from a boy band called NLT. Travis has also been down the Youtube route and released and covered many songs through the streaming service. Travis is signed to a record label but is self managed. He recently released an EP which can be found on Spotify, of some of the most popular songs he has covered.

Some of my favourite Travis Garland songs include Motel Pool, Curvin’ Everybody and Good Woman.

Eric Bellinger

Eric Bellinger is mainly a songwriter for other artists but has also released his own music. He has co-written songs for Usher, Chris Brown, Tank, Justin Bieber along with many other artists.

My favourite Eric Bellinger songs that he has kept for himself are King, Type A Way (Ft. Chris Brown), Apple Berry Nana and W.O.W (Ft Jaylien).


Syd (formerly known as Syd tha Kyd) is a member of the band The Internet but has released some amazing solo projects also. These include Body, Bad Dream/No Looking Back, Drown In It and Smile More.


H.E.R is another quite well known artist as she was nominated for five Grammys for Album of the Year for ‘I Used To Know Her’ as well as Song of the Year. Despite this, she is still not recognised enough for her huge talents as much as she should be. However, she is currently only 22 so there is plenty of time for her to reach the levels of fame that she is deserving of. She has headlined in concert for Childish Gambino, Chris Brown and Bryson Tiller.

My favourite songs by H.E.R are Slide, Feel A Way, Racks (Ft. YBN Cordae) and her most popular song to date Best Part (Ft. Daniel Caesar).


Dreamville Records is a label founded by one of the world’s most talented rappers, J.Cole. Obviously this means that the label releases music for the artists’ own projects however, the artists’ also feature on the Dreamville albums together. The process consists of the artists, along with other rappers who aren’t apart of the label, competing to be featured on the album. You can watch a short documentary on YouTube that shows you the process of recording the Dreamville albums.

Watch it here:


I may be alone on this one but despite Logic releasing music from way back in 2009, I only heard about him a couple of years ago and was amazed by his talent. You may know him from his most mainstream song which is ‘1-80073-8255’ with Alessia Cara and Khalid. The song became a hit partly due to it promoting those with suicidal thoughts to call the number in the title for help.


Tinashe has become quite mainstream but what a lot of people don’t know is that she wrote and produced her own music and released mixtapes on YouTube before her fame. I personally think that this is still some of her best work along with her latest album ‘Songs For You’.

My favourite Tinashe songs include Stunt, That, Feelings and Cash Race.

Elliott Trent

Elliott Trent is definitely the least known person on this list but he is incredibly talented. Despite not being very known, his music can be found on Spotify. Elliott has a voice that is easily recognisable and is perfect for R&B.

My favourite songs by Elliott Trent are Slow, Sex in the City, The First Time and Twerksum.