Why A Guideline Is Better Than A Plan.

Planning is something that I am obsessed with doing. I plan everything I can and have so many lists on my phone and around the house for both long term and short terms goals, and a map of how to get there. I am so organised, my boyfriend jokes whenever we’re watching Brooklyn 99 together because he says that I am like organisation freak Amy Santiago, and I can’t argue with him. Being organised is always looked at as being a good thing, and of course it is. However, being too organised in the wrong areas has its limitations. Let me explain…

Let’s talk about planning in terms of achieving goals. You have a detailed five year plan for building the career of your dreams. If you follow this plan too closely, it could lead to you missing opportunities that you didn’t think of before. Just because something isn’t in your plan, doesn’t mean it can’t benefit you as you can’t possibly think of everything.

Planning does play an important part in hitting your goals, but if you prioritise planning over actually taking action, you are probably slowing down the process. Making plans, getting excited, and spending 50%of your work time visualising how happy you’ll be when you hit your goal will cause you to get a lot less work done. Visualisation is a great tool to motivate yourself but if you don’t need that much motivation, you need to then put in the work. My point is that unnecessary planning wastes valuable time.

There are two types of people in this world, people who plan and those who don’t. An important thing to keep in mind is that people who don’t plan at all can still find the success that they’ve been dreaming of, as you don’t have to plan in order to work hard. Spontaneity can be fun and you can still hit your goals if you live a little and relax, it may actually lead you down a better path career/success wise.

Becoming too obsessed with planning is unhealthy. This is because it may result in you taking a set-back harder. It is frustrating for everyone when something bad happens, but a planning perfectionist may take a negative experience harder because it’s upsetting to know that it isn’t apart of your plan and has therefore set you back. A word of advice, don’t let your obsession with keeping to a plan hold you back from getting back up and trying again.

If you’re someone who feels more comfortable planning your future, maybe adjust the way in which you plan by creating a guideline rather than something so specific. This way, you get the benefits of planning without the limitations it can bring. If you’re trying to hit goals and have been unsuccessful so far, this may be due to a lack of planning. It may benefit you to start planning your methods but keep this in mind whilst you do so.