There’s No Shame In Napping.

Yes, the lock-down is a great excuse to be productive and do things that you didn’t have time to do before in everyday life. However, you don’t need to pressure yourself into being productive when you don’t feel like it. In situations like this, where the world as we know it has changed and it feels as if it could be this way forever, you are bound to have some hard days. So have a day in bed if you can, binge watch Netflix and nap as much as you please. When you start to feel bad about having a chill day, remind yourself that there are benefits to being productive but there are also benefits to napping.

The Benefits To Napping:

  • Naps can lift your MOOD
  • They are stress easing
  • Naps can improve your memory
  • They can Improve immune health also
  • Napping regularly can help to keep your blood pressure down if you’re feeling generally stressed
  • Contrary to belief, you may actually sleep better at night if you nap during the day. Harvard have actually conducted a study into this:

This doesn’t mean that napping is just for lazy days though. Naps can be an effective way to actually boost productivity. For example:

  • Naps can help make you more alert
  • Your brain may work better after a rest
  • A better and healithier solution to feeling awake than drinking caffeine

If you are napping on a day that you haven’t dedicated to laziness, you need to nap for a maximum of 45 minutes as anything longer can leave you feeling groggy for the rest of the day. However, if you take a nap with REM sleep, it can help to promote creativity for when you wake up, as it may help you come up with ideas. REM sleep tends to start between 70 – 90 minutes of sleeping.